Meet us

ACHTI is Polish leader in manufacturing high quality headwear and scarves, as well as the owner of the brand at the same name. We make hats and scarves for everyone and for every season. We design classic, casual, sophisticated and sports models. Production takes place in Poland, which is why our products are high quality and aesthetics. The products are manufactured from the best types of yarns. Our factory is located near Cracov city.

We offer an excellent Polish product designed for the most demanding customers. High quality and unique design make our products competitive and popular choice for all who appreciate the combination of elegance, comfort and modernity. The process of designing, manufacturing, and distribution takes place with high European standards and with particular emphasis on environmental protection.

The opinions of customers, cooperation with the best designers in the industry and highly qualified staff is the key to success, thanks to which the company is growing rapidly each year, expanding markets and increasing the number of domestic and export orders.

Our priority is to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We want our products have gained the recognition of customers from all markets of the world.

Our advantages

Our products have already gained the recognition of a wide range of customers in many countries around the world. Creating products with passion we meet Your expectations. Take a look at the latest Achti’s products at tab COLLECTION.


Our offer is dedicated to the most demanging customers.


The quality of all raw materials is certified by OEKO-TEX.


We supply wholesale customers in Poland, Europe, Asia and the USA.


We offer convenient delivery time and professional service.


We offer attractive and individual conditions of cooperation.


We offer pre-season contract sales on favorable terms.


Our manufacture

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing, as well as long-term cooperation with customers from all over the world, have made our company the company with an established position in the market, open and ready for new challenges. In achieving this helps highly qualified specialists which is a guarantee of a high level of service at every stage of cooperation.

Our products are characterized by excellent craftsmanship and rich design. We only use selected yarns considered the best in the world, manufactured of Australian merino wool, alpaca and lana in conjunction with low-pilling acrylic. This configuration increases the softness and fluffiness of wool, which greatly affects the comfort and aesthetics of products.

Every year we are looking at the market for new, interesting raw materials and unique additives, following the current global trends. Cooperation with the best designers and developers results in unique collection.




Preparing a form


Raw materials selection


Careful selection


Modern machinery


Knitwear performance


Good workmanship


Quality audit


The final product

Production in 9 steps

We have our own, modern and well equipped design office. The production line consists STOLL machines. We also use specialized equipment, so that our products are gaining interesting appendices.

Before our product hits the head of the customer, it must go complicated process completed with detailed quality control.

Millions of sewn caps
Thousands kilometers of used yarn
Hundreds of broken needles